Welcome to Southern Starr’s Klee Kai

Australian based breeders of the Alaskan Klee Kai, Southern Starr’s Klee Kai is a family owned boutique kennel. We pride ourselves on breeding happy, healthy Alaskan Klee Kai Puppies, and our puppies are raised in a nurturing and loving family environment to ensure that they are well socialised with people and other animals.

Please feel free to take some time to read through the information on our website to familiarise you with the breed and to ensure that an Alaskan Klee Kai puppy will be the right breed of dog for your family.

Purchasing a Southern Starr’s
Klee Kai Puppy

Our puppies are highly sought after so please express interest early to avoid disappointment. People who pay a deposit to go onto our waiting list will be given first preference to any puppies born.

To express interest in one of our puppies please use our website contact form. All enquires will be responded to promptly.

The purchase price includes:

  • vaccination
  • microchipping
  • worming
  • desexing and
  • a life time of breeder support
  • UKC registered with pedigree.


Southern Cross Klee Kai imported two UKC registered Alaskan Klee Kai from the United States in October 2010. We took over the kennel in 2011 and continued the business until September 2015 when we changed the kennel name to Southern Starr’s Klee Kai, continuing to breed with our male ‘Alasco’s Ikolik’ (a black and white, brown eyed, standard sized AKK, born 31st January, 2008) and our female ‘Naitok’s Roxie’ (a black and white, blue eyed, miniature sized AKK, born 8th of May 2008), the first breeding pair of AKKs in Australia.

Southern Starr’s Klee-Kai began breeding in 2011 with ‘Ikolik’ and ‘Roxie’, the foundation breeding pair. Since then the kennel has expanded to include ‘Kiani’ and ‘Nakita’ and ‘Mika’.

Our breeding AKK’s are:

  • ‘Arunta Nakita’, (a black and white, brown eyed, miniature sized AKK, born 5-12-11);
  • ‘Buramunta Kiani’, (a grey and white, bi-eyed miniature sized AKK born 01-02-13) and
  • ‘Buramunta Mika’, (a light grey and white, brown eyed standard sized AKK, born 01-02-13).

Our breeding kennel is now known as Southern Starr’s Klee Kai and is owned and operated by Carolyn Hockley, assisted by Granddaughter Jessica Hockley.

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